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LEAF’s no-cost mental health care includes individual therapy, group work, trauma help, community-based support, and more. Short term or long term options are available.

Mental Wellness & Addiction Recovery


We are looking for a qualified clinician (LPCC) to join our team.


Upcoming Programs

Youth Mental Health Services:

Tuesdays starting May 9th 

We’re proud to announce our first youth Mental Wellness group. Local art therapist Jennifer Jarrett will facilitate this group for high school students to safely explore and express emotions, experiences, and life consequences of addiction – including addictions to technology, narcotics, nicotine, and alcohol. This four-week group is FREE, with snacks and all supplies included. Email Jennifer to learn more or sign up:


Recovery Services:

Mondays starting May 8th

We are proud to announce that LEAF is bringing therapist-led recovery services to our community! The SMART Recovery approach to addiction recovery has helped millions of people all over the world. For more information or to sign up, confidentially email James at


Cherie Maureaux

Cherie Maureaux

Program Manager, Mental Wellness & Addiction Recovery

Cherie Maureaux hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, but her Lyons roots grow deep. While serving in a trauma relief role in Chicago, she purchased a small property in Lyons and has been spending time in our community for over 25 years. She moved to Lyons full-time in 2018 and started working at LEAF in 2019. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a specialization in Addictions Counseling and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy), a form of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy specifically developed for reducing the power of traumatic memories.

Email Cherie with questions or to learn more.


Coping and Alleviating Stress

Coping and Alleviating Stress

"When we witness tragic events, stress or PTSD symptoms can be activated. If you find yourself feeling off, try out this grounding exercise & tips for immediate stress relief. As always, if...

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