Hot meals and warm “hellos” delivered by caring volunteers.

Lyons Meals

on Wheels

Offered Weekly  Monday – Friday

Delivered Monday thru Friday to anyone in the Greater Lyons area who cannot shop for or prepare a nutritiou mea at least once per day. 

Meals on Wheels Program 

  • Fresh sandwiches provided by St. Vrain Market on Mondays
  • Other meals are prepared by Longmont Meal on Wheels Tuesday – Friday 
  • Daily contact and safety check by our caring drivers 
  • Information on other social services programs 


Meal cost based on a sliding fee scale of a client’s monthly income:

  • $1.00/meal – income under $800
  • $1.50/meal – income $800 -$1,100 
  • $3.00/meal – income $1,101 – $1,400
  • $3.50/meal – income $1,401 – $1,700 
  • $4.00/meal – income over $1,701



We’ll deliver five free meals delivered to your home if you’ve just been released to your home in Lyons from any hospital or care facility for any reason. Project Homecoming is designed for people of any age or income level with a short-term need for meals due to illness, accident, surgery, etc. Should you choose to extend the service beyond the first five days, and you meet the criteria for the program, the price of each meal is based on a sliding fee scale of a client’s monthly income.

When is Project Homecoming right for you? Lyons Meals on Wheels offers the ideal solution for individuals or couples unable to provide at least one hot meal per day but who need home-delivered meals only temporarily. And it’s free to you! Just call us. We’re here to help you get back on your feet! 

Lyons Meals on Wheels


Hours of Operation

M – F 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone (call/text):



What is in a "Meals on Wheels" Meal

A. Each meal includes the following:
     • One serving of lean protein (beef, chicken, pork, or fish)
     • One Starch (potato, pasta, or rice)
     • One Vegetable
     • Salad
     • Bread (Diabetics and low salt diets do not receive bread)
     • Dessert (Diabetics receive a sugar free option)

Additionally, each meal contains:
     • Less than 1,600 mg of sodium, most are under 1,000 mg

B. We offer freshly prepared sandwiches from St. Vrain Market on Mondays

How much does the service cost?

Meals are charged on a sliding scale depending on an individual’s monthly income:

  • $1.00 per meal for income under $800 
  • $1.50 per meal for income $800 – $1100
  • $3.00 per meal for income $1101 – $1400
  • $3.50 per meal for income $1401 – $1700
  • $4.00 per meal for income over $1701     

In addition to a full and nutritious meal, clients benefit greatly from a wellness check and friendly conversation with our volunteer drivers. *Nobody will be turned away for lack of ability to pay!

When are meals delivered?

Meals are delivered Monday through Friday between 11:00am to 12:30pm
Note: It is very important that clients be at home when meals are delivered. If a client expects to be away during their normal delivery time for any reason, they must notify the Meals on Wheels office by 9 am the day of service. If a client wants us to leave the meal when they are not home, they must provide a cooler with ice, or we will not be able to leave the meal. While we understand that occasional unexpected emergencies are inevitable, chronic absenteeism may be cause for suspension of services.

Who delivers the meals?

The meals are delivered by trained, background-checked volunteers. These dedicated individuals make it possible for us to deliver meals Monday – Friday weekly in the Greater Lyons area.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call/text us at (720-310-8479) or email

How are the meals prepared?

A. Lyons Meals on Wheels partners with Longmont Meals on Wheels to prepare our meals. Longmont Meals on Wheels prepares and packages meals out of the commercial kitchen at the Longmont Senior Center. Meals are delivered in a paperboard container that can be warmed in the microwave or heated on a cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven.
Note: Each day’s menu is prepared, packaged and delivered under strict food safety guidelines to minimize the risk of contamination.

B. On Mondays, sandwiches are prepared at the St. Vrain Market.

Who is eligible to received a Meals on Wheels meal?

The services of Lyons Meals on Wheels are available to any resident of the Greater Lyons area who is not able to shop for or prepare at least one nutritious meal per day. People of ALL incomes and ages may be eligible for meals. Meals on Wheels does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, gender, disability, or national origin.

How can I receive a "Meals on Wheels" meal?

If you think you may be eligible to receive Meals on Wheels, or know someone who may benefit from this service, then please email or call us at (720) 310-8479.

Why do you ask for an emergency contact?

When applying for meals you will be asked to provide two emergency contacts and you will be asked if you have someone who is a key holder. This information is used if we come to deliver and you do not answer the door or you have not arranged for alternate meal delivery.

What is a wellness check?

We care about you! We are more than a meal. Our volunteers are trained to report any concerns. When our volunteers come to deliver they will ring the bell or knock loudly. If they do not get an answer they will try the door to see if it is unlocked. If it is, they will peak their head in and announce “Lyons Meals on Wheels.” If there is still no answer they will only leave the meal if there is a safe place to leave it and then they will call us to let us know that they have not seen you. We will then try to call you and they will try your emergency contacts as well. If we are unsuccessful at reaching you or an emergency contact, we will go to your home to see if we can contact you. If we still have no success, we will call the police to do a wellness check. If signs lead to a possibility that you could be inside and injured or ill, the police will enter your home. Volunteers are NOT allowed to pick anyone up or assist them with any type of medical concerns.

If the volunteer arrives and there is a reason to call 911, they will do so and then call the office, who will notify one of your emergency contacts. We will ONLY share your personal contact information with Emergency Personnel if they need to assist you.

To avoid any concerns, please make sure that your client information is up to date, we have good emergency contact numbers and we have the name of your key holder. Please put out a cooler with ice if you are planning on not being home for your delivery or call and cancel your meal for the day.

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